Get an experienced part-time C-level to help you meet your challenges

I assist you with short and medium-term assignments in Belgium, with an absolute focus on results.

Business Strategy

Focus on Strategic Alignment

Operational Booster

Focus on Human Intelligence

Years of value creation

About ME

I'm truly committed to your success

With a proven track record as COO, CMO, CPO, I can assist you with the majority of your strategic and operational challenges.

” If you don’t know where you’re going, don’t be surprised if you never get there. ” – Confucius

25 Years of Experience

With a strong focus on creating value through human intelligence and cutting-edge technologies

Strategic Excellence, Proven Results

My methodology for delivering Solutions

With a pioneering spirit and a keen understanding of the challenges posed by technological and societal transformations, my professional journey has been driven by the creation and meticulous oversight of successful, innovative products and services.

As a firm believer in the power of Human Intelligence and a daily user of A.I., my intention is to passionately highlight and share insights on emerging trends and technological advancements, consistently envisioning their impact on individuals and businesses. Through this, I aim to foster innovation in both product creation and team organization.

Critical Thinker

I offer innovative solutions and anticipate challenges effectively.

Creative Analytic Solver

I use concrete data to solve problems innovatively.

Team Synergizer

I enhance teamwork, boosting productivity and collaboration.

Let's discuss your business challenges.

I would be delighted to listen to your concerns. Over a cup of coffee, or a simple video-conference to start… whatever you prefer.